For prospective students

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Current PhD advisees

Ariel Nikas, Applied Mathematics

Emma Sorrell, Applied Mathematics

Former postdocs

Christina Hamlet, currently at Bucknell University

Uduak Z George, currently at San Diego State University

PhD graduates

Carl Giuffre, PhD Biomathematics, May 2017. Technological methods in the health assessment of Western honey bee (Apis mellifera). (co-Chair David Tarpy)

Kishore K Bokka, PhD Mechanical Engineering, May 2014. Biomechanics of embryonic airway peristalsis

Oswaldo A Lozoya, PhD Biomedical Engineering (UNC-CH/NCSU joint dept), May 2011. Mechanics in biology of progenitors: Spheroid growth modeling in silico and mechanical induction of human hepatic stem cell phenotype in vitro (co-Chair LM Reid)

Qunlei Jiang, PhD Computational Mathematics, Aug 2008. Analysis and computation for a fluid mixture model of tissue deformations (co-Chair Z Li)

Xiaohai (Robert) Wan, PhD Biomathematics, Aug 2006. Numerical simulation methods for biological tissue interactions (co-Chair Z Li)

Daniel P Dougherty, PhD Biomathematics, 2002. Deterministic and semi-mechanistic approaches in predictive fermentation microbiology (co-Chair F Breidt)


Alumni of the Lubkin research group have pursued a variety of career paths. Some are employed in academia, some are at research institutes such as the NIEHS, and some work in companies such as BD Diagnostics, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Novozymes, and Sunovion.